To Carb Cycle or Not?

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    To Carb Cycle or Not?

    I'm starting a cut now and I'm undecided whether or not I should cycle my carbohydrates or just stick with a clean 40/40/20 at 500 below maintenance. If I were to cycle my carbs, it would be like this:

    Monday - high carb
    Tuesday - no carb
    Wednesday - low carb
    Thursday - no carb
    Friday - high carb
    Saturday - low/high carb
    Sunday - no carb

    And the only carbs I'll be eating are brown rice, oats, yams, bran cereal, whole grain breads, and starchy vegetables.

    The thing is, I train at a very high intensity. I'm getting back into a circuit training program called CrossFit ( that I've found to burn more calories than normal weight training or cardio. I'm afraid that doing this on no and low carb days (I really want to train 5-6x a week) will lead to overtraining, and possibly stall my cutting progress.

    I also have to mention that I'll be using a heavy stack of supplements (alternating between albuterol, C2 + cAMP, Thyrogen-X, Cissus, Powerfull + Rebound Reloaded, and Sesamin) to help maintain muscle and speed up my metabolism. This has to be taken into consideration when planning out my diet.

    Thank you for your input

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    Personally, if your diet is that clean and those are your carb sources, I wouldn't carb cycle. Maybe keep them lower on off days.
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    I know I was debating the same question and my conclusion was to stay on a straight clean diet until I hit a wall, then I will implement carb cycling to spur on further fat loss. It's up to you but just something to think about. I think it's better to save the cycling rather than start with it, your body will get used to a straight diet faster so you'll have something to switch to without going keto.

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    I"m on lowered carbs right now and my workouts suck honestly I have no energy if your eating clean just stick with that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rage (SoCal)
    Personally, if your diet is that clean and those are your carb sources, I wouldn't carb cycle. Maybe keep them lower on off days.


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