Pre Flu?

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    Question Pre Flu?

    OK here is my situation. My whole family has/had the flu, nasty bad cases. I have not caught it (yet) I have been taking vitamin C, garlic, and echinacea. My question is you coming from the old saying you need to feed your cold. If your changes are a lot higher than normal of catching the flu while I can still keep food down should I pile it in my stomach? I'm not saying that I'm evening going to get it but I would rather be safe than sorry even when cutting lol..... I'm actually just looking for an excuse to eat those tasty looking chocolate chip cookies and that gallon of ice cream HAHA no just kidding....

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    Sounds like you will get it at some point. But I think that if you do eat a lot, and continue to take the supplements, you will be able to minimize the damage.

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