Diet Critique

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    Diet Critique

    Just trying to update the diet, let me know if it checks out.
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 165 lbs
    B.f:8% aprx
    Goal: maintenance/slow bulk for now
    Cardio: ed 45 mins 65% max H.R
    weights: 4 day split

    Meal#1> 2 scoops whey, 1.5 cups oats

    Meal#2> 1 cup brown rice, green beans/brocoli 1 can tun

    Meal #3 (pre-workout) 1 cup brown rice 5 oz salmon filet beans/brocoli


    meal #4 (pwo) 2 scoops whey, 1.5 cup oats

    meal #5 (ppwo) chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice

    meal #6 1 can tuna, salad

    meal #7 1 cup 1% cottage cheese, 2 tbs natty pb


    Total: 3000cal

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    Looks pretty good to me. You might want to add a couple tbsp of some natty pb to meal 1 (If the extra cals are a concern you can take away 1/4 oats in meals #1 and #4 and have about the same total kcals per day) and add some veggies in meal 5 if ya want. It cant hurt and they help fill ya up if you are like me and cant get full. Just a couple suggestions but it looks like you have read up and done your homework. You could always add in eggs in the mourning as well, but i am so busy preparing the rest of my food and dont really like eggs so i dont either!

    If your on a slow bulk it might be a good idea to reduce your cardio as well...

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