Limited daily meals, requesting opinions

  1. Limited daily meals, requesting opinions

    I have recently accepted a job where I begin work around 7am and leave around 4:30pm. Between those hours, I am allowed a break for lunch around 11:30. Other than that, I can have water all day long but we are not permitted to eat anything. I have been told that there is sometimes a short break around 2:30 where you can have a quick snack. I am definitely not a diet wizard, and I need help in packing my lunchbox. I know I need to pack as much nutrition into that one meal as possible, without risking making myself sick during the physical training in the afternoon. What would you guys eat for that one meal if you were in a similar situation?

  2. Oddly enough I'd need a bathroom break around the same time each morning and I wouldn't leave until I finished my Protein bar!

  3. I have a long day but I am able to snack whenever. But I'm coming from 2-3 meals a day tops, trying to get up to 3-4 and then more as I progress.

    From what I've learned is you need a lot of protein in the morning, I like eggs on toast with a bowl of whole wheat ceral and a handful of almonds, peanuts, and cashews during the drive.

    good luck, there are always was around the system see if anyone takes smoke breaks and if they do, join them and have a sandwich.

  4. Make sure you eat meals that take time to digest, this way you're not absorbing and using everything imediately.

    Breakfast have things like whole eggs and whole grains. Lunch you will have to be creative and find items you can take with you, I can't really help you here.

  5. You say your allowed water all day? Use opaque bottles and fill em with MRP's or at least some WPI.
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  6. I like the idea of using a dark bottle filled with mrp or something. I will definitely use that one. I was thinking of a breakfast of oats and egg whites and hoping that could tide me over til a lunch of one chicken breast, a cup of brown rice and some mixed veggies all in a bowl ready to microwave. My true concern is from 11:30 til 4:30. I will definitely have a stockpile of stuff waiting in the car to get some protein in me after 4:30. Anyone have any reccomendations of some slow digesting foods that would be good to pack?

  7. Basmati rice, white beans and some lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish etc) is one of my staples to throw into a container together. I like to dump some high protein ranch (in recipe forum) on top. Scrumptious, filling and healthy.
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