Amino Acids

  1. Amino Acids

    I drink 3 shakes of
    "webber naturals® 100% Natural Vegan Protein Powder" just wondering if I cold be overdosing on amino acids? I use it at work and at home.

    Also is there a way to get protein (vegan) without amino acids if I am overdoing the Aminos?

    *Lastly does anyone know of a cheaper product like this? Or can suggest similar products like this? I need to get my fruit/vegis servings I dont get enough and need it to be in juice formula not puree.

    Subi | Best Green Superfood
    Would be nice to find something like this without the stimulant matcha (already have my stimulant bit)

    Sorry for my english I have brain trauma.

  2. Your not gonna over dose on amino acids

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