This has just affected me in the last 5 weeks or so with stomach cramps , wind and constipation.

    The doc has put me on a laxative to get things moving and fybergel to bulk up the stool.

    Both have worked but the cramps and discomfort still remain.

    Im watching what i eat and judging the reaction and i also take glutamine and an anti spasmodic but it can be crippling at times.

    Anyone else suffer and got suggestions that might help?


  2. I've always had this, just recently I've been trying to deal with it again.. Doctor put me on Bentyl, but I was already taking another anticholinergic for something else, so I had to stop the Bentyl because of the side effects from two Anticholinergics.

    Have you tried a good probiotic supplement? They always make my stomach hurt worse so I can't use them, but Gut Health is a good option.

    I am thinking of trying an elimination diet here soon as well to see if I can find the problem, or if all foods are the problem. Lol

  3. Man, I had roughly 15yrs ago as a kid. I remember going to the doctor and having a good looking RN put a suppository in me lol

    Iíve been consistently using psyllium husk since I was 18 and havenít had any issues really, I will occasionally have discomfort (2-3 times a year?)

    Healthy GI is the only way to avoid that. Probiotic/prebiotic and psyllium husk maybe.
    *Psalms 62:1-62:2*
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  4. Google fecal transplant near you my cousin is thinking about it l personally don't know much about it though.

  5. Probiotic, drink lots of tea, eating fermented foods. Those are things I do for my gut

  6. Dude take an allergy/intolerance test ASAP.

    Between september and november I felt like total crap, tried probiotics, glutammine, even meds, nothing. Thatís because I was VERY intolerant to yeast and lactose, which made everything I was taking pointless. I feel WAY better now.

    Do it nao!


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