I practice IF for simplicity sake and Iím currently eating 3cups of powdered uncooked oats, 1Tbs honey and 1cup of cooked basmanti rice a day. I train calisthenics with Olympic Rings and exercise 90mins M-F fasted. Iíve figured out my TDEE is 2300 over the past 3 weeks. Burning an average of 6,000 cals a week and consuming 15,000 losing 6lbs over that time. 45%P/40C/15%F.

The point of this post is I want to continue with my fitness routine, and IF eating style, but I want to stabilize my weight. Do I need to start eating back my exercise cals (I use a HR monitor for accurate numbers)?

I know oats have 8.1g fiber per cup and roughly half of that is insoluble. Would there be a downside ďdrinkingĒ another 2C of powdered oats (I used a nutribullet)?

If you need more specifics, ask...