Abdominal issue

  1. Abdominal issue

    Hello everyone. Hope you're doing great.

    I'm an ectomorph. My current stats are, 6'3, 170LB, and 18 y/o.

    I have been training strictly and dieting for 3 months and I gained like 13LB. I have low bodyfat, like 12% or smth.

    Anyways, I wasn't training abs in that period of 3 months. But I was always confused about my abdominal structure. I only have visible 2 abs, and at top of them, there is supposed to be another 2 abs, but I have a "bone" or something, like wtf ? Is this normal ? And how will I look like if I train them? Will I look aesthetic ? I started working them this week though.

    Here's a picture of how my abs look like: (This pic is before I gained 13 btw)

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    another pic after I gained 13LB:

    Name:  LBojQAm.png
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    You can see in the first picture that I have 2 packs and above them there's a slant bone.

  2. It's hard to tell from your current conditioning. It looks like your abdominal muscles are inserted lower than usual, and your rib cage is extended lower than normal. But again, very hard to tell.

    I wouldn't worry about looking "aesthetic" or not, if you're lean and have definition in your stomach you'll look much more aesthetic than most. Everyone is different, so don't let your genetics discourage you from pursuing your goals with your physique.
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  3. It is possible that most of your exercises for abs are targeting the upper abs. Do you do any leg raises or reverse crunches? Also, add some weight to those exercises that target the lower abs. It is possible you just need more lean mass on that portion of your abs.
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  4. Everything looks normal from the pictures, but if you're concerned, you could always just ask your physician.
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  5. You have an extended rib cage like me. You actually have 4 visible abs. Just takes a little more to make all 4 visible. Think your in great condition
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  6. You need to work that chest bro...

  7. Youve got to build your abs muscle. try weighted work for a while. Then just do 25-30 reps for upper and lower abs. exercises that you feel burning where it becomes unbearable

    skip to 9:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=090sZbE1X-o
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  8. If your goal is abs then I'd do a heavy squat or deadline (like 3-5 rep weight. Need core to stabilize) and immediately follow with some exercises for abs (like leg rises) and finish with plank.


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