Supplement causing hypertension?

  1. Supplement causing hypertension?

    Whats up AM

    Ran the following stack for 8 weeks back in July

    Alphamax XT
    OxyMax XT
    Evomuse Brite
    Evomuse Supernova

    First time running fat burners. I have continued the Brite and Supernova since then and I am now having mild hypertension with my systolic being 148 on average.

    Never had it before, however it does run in the family. Anyone heard of supps triggering hereditary hypertension?

    I sent an message to Matt at Evomuse to see if either Brite or Supernova could be the culprit, but wanted to pick some brains before taking it to a MD

  2. How do you usually handle stimulants (caffeine, yohimbine, etc.)? Were you using any preworkout supplement or stimulant in addition to this stack?

    Since Oxymax XT contains caffeine and yohimbine, it's possible that this could have triggered it. Stimulants have been shown to increase blood pressure, and since Oxymax contains 200mg of caffeine this could be to blame. Do you normally drink coffee or use a stim-based preworkout?
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