Calories while laid up/surgery recovery

  1. Calories while laid up/surgery recovery

    My wife is about to have an umbilical hernia repair done. She has to take 6 to 8 weeks off from the gym. Currently she's eating about 2000 calories and lifting pretty heavy 5 times a week and her weight is pretty consistent. About how many calories should she be eating while she's laid up to make sure she doesn't have to lose any more progress than necessary? She's 5ft7in about 130

  2. I would suggest eating at maintenance give or take. Even though she cannot lift, remember, her body is going through a recovery process. When the body is recovery form a traumatic experience, it uses energy to do so. She still needs to fuel her body so it can recovery as quickly as possible.
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  3. the body requires more calories when repairing so just stick to maintenance. also, it'll help maintain her muscle by not being in a deficit.

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