Blood Group Diet?

  1. Question Blood Group Diet?


    I was wondering if there is any legitimacy to choosing certain foods/diet based on one's blood type? Apparently your blood type determines what food/drinks are best and worst for the body. I can't post a source link because I don't have enough posts but I was reading a health blog by Dr. Michael Lam who made a blood type diet chart. You can google it and see for yourself.


    P.S. My Blood type is B+, so I should be eating venison, rabbit, mutton, and lamb and avoiding chicken at all costs.....but I can't afford venison or rabbit!!!
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  2. I tried that blood type diet a few years ago, saw no benefit

  3. Not at all, I think its a bunch of hogwash for the most part

    Mine is O negative, which I need more protein, according to the blood type diet. I like that, but when it comes down to it, No, not at all.
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