random question about mineral salts

  1. random question about mineral salts

    lol. So hey everyone.

    My random question: Would mineral salts put on the body in the groin area be bad for the testicles in any way?

    The reason I ask is I where a hernia support belt (trying to heal them naturally, along with other interventions). I wear the support belt all the time, when exercising, etc. The combination makes the support belt start to have an odor after awhile. So I would like to use something natural in the area to stop the odor as best I can. (want to use the crystal deodorant).

    Thanks in advance to anyone in the know!

  2. I would think salts of any type would tend to draw moisture out, so worst case scenario is dry skin?? Stupid question, but can't you just wash the belt?
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  3. I'm personally a fan of bath salts

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Apsmith4992 View Post
    I'm personally a fan of bath salts
    You beat me to it

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