Cutting weight and alcohol

  1. Cutting weight and alcohol

    I have been fasting and doing low carb. Like 80 carbs a day. Mostly around my workouts. I have been cutting. Lost 15 lbs in a month. What do I need to eat, if anything, after a night of drinking? Should I eat? Or keep fasting? Most mornings I don't eat till 8 or 9. I go-to work at 5 and work on a fasted tummy. I know the food will release insulin which will blunt the cortisol which is very good. I mention cortisol bc of the alcohol. But idk if the cortisol effects will still be prominent in the morning there after. Idk if I should eat or fast. What y'all think?

  2. I feel more stupid after reading this post.... don't make it difficult. enjoy your life, hit your macro minimums, and eat when you're hungry...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Sloth Hogan View Post
    I go-to work at 5 and work on a fasted tummy.

    on a fasted tummy.

    fasted tummy.


  4. Is tummy making u say hmmm, industrial?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Sloth Hogan View Post
    Is tummy making u say hmmm, industrial?
    yes. yes it is.

  6. Well ok. Eh I used the word tummy instead of 3 other words

  7. Just don't drink problem solved

  8. None of these replies are educated or helpful. I don't drink often. Maybe once or twice a month. What should I do the next morning?.......EAT........OR KEEP FASTING?

  9. I have no educational knowledge behind this.
    Perhaps try both out and see how you do? If u are only drinking once or twice in a month i don't think that will affect your 28-29 other days that you have nailed with your diet regiment. I would say increase your hydration and perhaps workout like run or volume weight training (speaking from experience) this helps me recover best.

  10. I had 2 gin and tonic while reading this

  11. Lost 4lbs

  12. I'm probably just over thinking it. Bc yeah, I am nailing my diet all the other days. I probably do retain more water on the days after but that ain't nothing

  13. If your only drinking once or twice a month just stick to your normal diet. It won't make a difference if your only do it once or twice a month. Don't overthink it so much bc it's beyond minimal.


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