Starting a cycle after PCT

  1. Starting a cycle after PCT

    Hey everyone I was wondering if a second cycle can be started after completing a PCT or should one wait extra time after before starting another cycle ?

  2. You need to wait. Time off cycle needs to be the time on. Some even say include the weeks of pct which is what I do. Doing cycles back to back will destroy your body

  3. So how long should one wait before trying another cycle after going through the pct protocol?

  4. How long was your cycle and pct

  5. And what was it

  6. It was 4 weeks on and then followed with 4 weeks off with Nova, SuP3r PCT and the compounds were Name:  tmpPhoto.jpg
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  7. I would wait 8 weeks. Looks like you did things right with a quality pct. It's a pain waiting I know but your body will thank you

  8. Alright thanks man, you probably saved my ass from making a huge mistake lol

  9. Hey no problem better to ask for advice then ask for help when your feeling like **** or your balls go into hiding lol

  10. Very true😂😂

  11. The only guaranteed way to know when it's ok is to do bloodwork. You 100% need to wait at least 4 weeks after pct tho to allow your hormones to stabilize as the pct period sees them swing down then up (usually beyond normal) then post pct come back down slightly as they normalize. Run bloods at 4-8 weeks post pct and make the assessment based on that.

    If you're too cheap/lazy to do that (which is awfully common) the standard is time on + pct = time off (ie for an 8 wk cycle and 4wk pct you'd take 12 weeks off after the pct before you'd be "ready")
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  12. Alright thank you for the information

  13. I have a lot of experience. Ive done ten over the counter cycles for ten years. Thats an average of one cycle a year until i started trt. I did from age 23 to 33.

    Like everyone said esp with these orals, its best do the rule of thumb time on+plus= time off.

    I dont do this anymore as im on trt and feel much better and maintain gains better.

  14. Alright thank you everyone for keeping me from giving myself god knows what kind of awful side effects lol

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Superload View Post
    Alright thank you everyone for keeping me from giving myself god knows what kind of awful side effects lol
    I would recommend getting bloodwork done. Usually after a cycle it decreases hdl cholesterol, liver enzymes, and good to know where your labs are

  16. Alright always good to be cautious


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