Insulin and muscle synthesis

  1. Insulin and muscle synthesis

    If consuming things like cinnamon lowers your insulin a sufficiently significant amount to help reduce the proportion of carbs which are converted into fat, would their effect on insulin reduce total muscle synthesis?

  2. Yes, insulin shouldn't be seen as something that is evil and shouldn't be purposely hindered as it plays a vital role in your bodies ability to regulate carbs. What you do and how you regulate your carb intake determines to what effect muscle or fat will be generated,

    A lot of bodybuilders agree that gaining muscle or losing weight is simply just the issue of carb intake and they manipulate as they see fit.

  3. I use apple cider, organic with mother, DCP, EBF Recompadrol and Defuse as well as Ceylon Cinnamon on my carb ups and feel they all work well together, Ceylon Cinnamon is supposed to be the healthier version that is non toxic to liver and kidneys compared to normal versions, i also find it has a much smoother flavour and works awesome with cereals as a topping.

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