My fitness Pal ratios for cutting

  1. My fitness Pal ratios for cutting

    Hey guys, I'm struggling a bit to cut fat. I am pretty good at hitting my targets on my fitness pal but wondering if I should make adjustments.

    I'm 34, 5'11 197lbs roughly 17-18% bf. I used to be able to eat 2k-2500 cals/day and maintain 180 and 11%ish. For some reason (age?/stress of having a 1 year old and 2 year old?) It doesn't work that way anymore.

    Wondering any advice in changing my diet. At
    Currently set at 1850 cals and I'm working out 4-5 Times a week.

    Macros are 40% protein, 40% carb, 20% fat so I'm getting 200g of protein per day, keeping fat down, and getting enough carbs to support exercise. I cheat maybe once a week and it's never a crazy cheat.. I might refeed on froyo or go out to a restaurant, making smarter decisions but it still turns out to be high cal.

  2. Other threads of almost identical questions on the front page. Check them out then report back with questions.

  3. Personally I would set Protein at 1.5g per lb when cutting for satiety, Fats between 0.4-0.5g per lb for hormonal balance and the remainder from carbs, also I would never drop calories as low as 1850, I tend to cut at a caloric intake of body weight x13 at the absolute lowest, would generally set it at x14 so I generally do not drop below 2,200 even when body weight drops to low 160's

  4. I think you would notice a benefit from cutting carbs and increasing fats, personally. The increased fats keep you full and are helpful for keeping your hormones where you want them.

    That being said, when I do cut my carbs low I'll supplement with some fiber to makeup for what I'm missing

  5. Don't track exercise. When you plug it into the app it give you calories back that are already in your daily numbers. Also track the macros and not the calories. You'll be more accurate that way.

  6. Change your diet to 70% Fat 25% Protein 5% Carbs and watch the fat melt off. Do some research on ketosis

  7. don't listen to that^^^ macro ratios are stupid. stick to hitting your macro minimum percentages. 1 gram per lb of bodyweight in protein, .6-.8 in fat and the rest in carbs if you want.


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