Looking for some insight here from those who have tried this, or know someone who has...

I am going to get a massage soon for my quads/hams/hip area that i'm long overdo for (rolling out only goes so far) and i know it will be painful which will cause me to tense up.

Would it be counter intuitive to take painkillers or drink a bunch or etc. to dull pain for the massage? I'm not asking whether such substances or behavior is safe - i've thought through that. What i'm asking is if this will mess up the massage, i.e. taking painkillers or drinking prevents muscles from being massaged properly.

I can easily suck it up and get through the massage so that isn't the issue, but the pain causes me to tighten up and prevents me from getting as much out of the release which is why i'm asking my question here. Thanks for the help.