Do you eat to fuel your current day or your next day

  1. Do you eat to fuel your current day or your next day

    "Many times we see people having a high carb day on their hardest training day. But your high carb day will have the most impact on the following day."

    This is quoted from the Big and Lean program developed by Steve Cook, Michael Cazayoux and Jacob Hutton.

    Does this ring true for you? I've always been eating to fuel the workout I do on that day, not what I'm doing the next day. So if I have day with only cardio I would be eating less on that day. And then I would put my high carb days on my heavy leg days.

    The last month or so I have been trying to eat to fuel my workout on the next day. I'm not sure I feel any different. But it feels weird to eat high carb on a low impact day and not carb up before/after a leg day because I did that they day before.

  2. Hanna rambod preaches in his fts7 program to eat the cheat meal the day before you train your weak muscle group. I personally don't believe it makes a difference. If the diet is properly developed the food the day before shouldn't matter. The only way it would make a difference is if you have been in a caloric deficit all week and then have a high carb day. This would help you feel fuller and make you more vascular the next day (depending how lean you are)

  3. Do what works best for you. Personally, I carb cycle and have my high carb days on the day prior to my hardest training sessions. On the other hand, I have a low carb day, less than 100 grams of total carbs, the day before my heavy push day which is equally as hard. Those sessions are usually fine.

    As long as you're not entirely low carb, I think it is not a big issue. However, if one is low carb, due to being mid way or almost done with a cut, then I would have a refeed the day prior to the hard training session to fuel it.
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  4. I'm with @fitfreak_CP on this. I don't think it matters UNLESS you're borderline glycogen depleted, which is unlikely because everyone loves carbs.

  5. I've known swimmers and runners who use this technique, but they tend to see a bigger difference because they'll go really low carb leading up to it.
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  6. Because I train fasted very early AM I preload the last one or two meals the night before my first two days (chest/tris & back/bis) of my split. I cut off carbs after post workout meal. Then it's trace carbs rest of day. I cycle off the preload for the last two days (shoulders & legs) of my split. Calories and quantity of carbs are diet/goal dependent.

  7. I eat protein and fats to fuel for next workout (most of usually night before) but carbs to recover (backloading).

  8. Just like a few mentioned here I load up on calories (mostly carbs) the night before. Then once again for breakfast 1-2hrs preworkout. Biggest factor for my performance is still total calorie the day before and SLEEP. I can't stress enough how much sleep affects my strength levels.


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