Thoughts On Keto

  1. Thoughts On Keto

    Hey everyone,

    New to the site so still adjusting to how things work, bear with me!

    I'm asking everyone's opinions (both positive and negative) on the ketogenic diet. I myself have been doing both the ketogenic and cyclic ketogenic diet for a few months now with great results. The reason for this question is I'm curious and interested in learning why others may be for or against this type of diet? Any and all comments are welcome! Thanks everyone!

  2. Whats ur stats ? And more on the macros ?

  3. 5'8.5" 210 lbs 15% bf. When I was cutting I was at about 2200 calories with 75% being fats (1650 calories/183g fat). I managed to drop to a solid 190 lbs before heading into offseason. Now I do the cyclic ketogenic diet at about 3000 calories and 75% still being fats

  4. All for it! Currently down 4% (14.6% to 10.6%) BF as I'm entering my 7th week. Currently following a 68% F 27% P 5% C Macro breakdown. No significant loss in strength and my energy is through the roof. Trying to reach 8% and maintain before I switch the macros up for a lean slow bulk.

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