Please help are my symptoms from low T?

  1. Please help are my symptoms from low T?

    I had more written but somehow deleted it so I will try to keep this shorter. I have been having a lot of symptoms and its weird for my because before this I have hardly ever been sick. I maybe had one cold in my life lol. Anyways, I have been working with my family doctor but I didn't tell him that about a year ago I took the prohormon android factory lean cut. I took it for about a month with the last week or so taking a double dose. It is supposed to be mild. I was told that for PCT all I would need is cycle assist and daa. When I was supposed to be on pct we ended up moving and I only took cycle assist for about a week. Everything seemed fine until I started having a little testicle pain about a month later. I waited a little bit and then ended up finishing the cycle assist. Everything seemed to be fine until I was having some pain after urination. It was just in the shaft and was not very severe. I then started to have some pain after ejaculation. Its been a few months since then and right now the ejaculation pain is gone but I still have a little pain after urination. I am also having a lot of muscle tightness and join pain especially when I wake up. I have also been having a lot lower back pain. My hands are also more shaky than normal. Basically I feel 80-years-old lol.
    I went to the doctor and had 9 viles of blood drawn. I got a complete panel, autoimmune panel, thyroid panel and male hormone panel.
    Everything seemed to come back good except for a slight elevated white blood count and very slight calcium level.
    My thyroid levels seem to be good as well:
    t4 8.9
    tsh 1.0
    t3 total 116
    t4 free 1.6
    Also had my psa done just in case and it is 0.6.

    I have never had my blood drawn before and was super nervous so I thought my cortisol level was raised because of that but now seems really high. I had been fasting and got the test done about 3:00pm. Normal high range for that time is 17 and mine is 32.6.
    They forgot to give me my testosterone levels and I just found them out today and it is 425. I am 26-years-old and this seems to be low for my age? I have also felt like my testosterone levels were high before now or taking the prohormone.

    So what do you guys think? No one seems to think its anything serious but I am sick of feeling like this. Never thought it was the prohormone because that was about a year ago but now I am thinking maybe it is from that.

  2. What did your doctor say ?? I would think if you went to him regarding how you feel and in turn for him to warrant a full blood panel - it would only be wise for you to fully disclose anything and everything - if you haven't, then go back. Don't play with your health and/or hold back.

  3. Agree with asking doctor but here are some observations: your test is highest in morning and your bloods were taken at 3 PM. This will show a lower test level than reality. What were your E2 levels?
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  4. First and foremost, listen to your doctor and ask if seeing a specialist might be beneficial to identifying the issue. Your testosterone level is within the normal range, 348-1197 is what labcorp states. I am 26 also and just had mine tested, mine is at 358 which is on the lower side of the spectrum. However, I haven't experienced any of the aforementioned symptoms. You said your discomfort revolves around urination and after ejaculation. These sound like symptoms that support a diagnosis for a urinary tract infection. Not sure what the testicular pain might be due to. But definitely make sure to let your doctor know your level of concern and discomfort you are feeling.

  5. I would think about running agood natural testosterone boosting stack if your doctor gives you clearance. It sounds like you may not of fully recovered from your cycle. The PCT you ran is weak for what we would normally recommend. The issues you are having with urination and so on may be something different like a UTI. The testicular pain can be a few different things but one that it could be would be your natural testosterone starting to kick up again. I would make sure the doctor says you are healthy and if so look for a natural product to boost your production and help free up your testosterone. We have a stack that uses black lion research formeron. ( for estrogen control and to boost test production on the negative feedback loop) , iron forged nutrition kingpin ( NMDA based test booster that has boron , stinging nettle, vit d3, Agmatine, and l-dopa) to boost LH and help free test, and last but not least black lion research viron. Viron is made to help boost the free test even further with a different blend of boron citrate and tongkat Ali. Check it out here. Try these products out and get blood work done to see if your levels go up.

  6. 425 ain't bad, but that doesn't tell much, alone. Mine was ~495 and I'm 30. Mine was taken first thing in the AM though.

    I would physically go back and get the paper results from all the blood work, though. Or have it faxed to you. You paid for it and are fully entitled to have them. Having that data could come in handy, even later on. Never know.
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  7. Black lac is right. You should always get your blood work and keep a copy for yourself. Doctors over look things sometimes too. I always make a little note about what I was using supplement wise and any other things that could effect your blood test results.


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