Why buy separate aminos when WPC has them in higher amount

  1. Why buy separate aminos when WPC has them in higher amount

    I don't understand why one needs to buy amino acids separately when they are plentiful in the protein powders? Someone help me here, I've googled that stuff to death and I couldn't find anything other than advertising their reason, nothing solid.

    If one is on a limited budget, should one get iso leucine or glutamine? I particularly need to keep my immune system functioning so I'm leaning on glutamine, but I don't know..

  2. This is my opinion, but if you get enough protein from food or powder then I see no real benefit of aminos unless you get them for free. Now if you're cutting calories, then I see them as helping preserve muscle and increase protein synthesis. Also a lot of good studies on bcaas. Other than that they're an overhyped Gatorade.

  3. Thanks . You seem to have a very solid opinion. Especially since a lot of published diets from Marvel actors don't even include aminos, and not even always protein powder. Just lots of meat.
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    Personally i would not invest in glutamine with very little research to back it
    If you want BCAA's they would be great for pre-workout fasted training or dosed as a bolus between meals spaced 4-6 hours apart

    More info about glutamine:



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  5. focus on basic protein powder. IMO
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