Testosterone (total and free) way too high

  1. Question Testosterone (total and free) way too high

    20 year old male had hormones tested and the results were quite shocking.

    First Lab test (Reference levels)
    Testosterone, serum.....1100 ng/dl..... (348-1197)
    Free test (direct) ..... 33.2 pg/ml ..... (9.3-26.5)
    Estradiol or E2 (Roche ECLIA method) ..... 58.1 pg/ml ..... (7.6-42.6)
    Estrogens, Total ..... 255 pg/ml ..... (40-115)

    Second lab test exactly a month later
    Testosterone, serum ..... 1425 ng/dl ..... (348-1197)
    Free test (direct) ..... >50 pg/ml ..... (9.3-26.5)
    *verified by repeat analysis* yes it just says >50 and no number is given
    Estradiol or E2 (Roche ECLIA method) ..... 14 pg/ml ..... (7.6-42.6)
    Estrogens, Total ..... 140 pg/ml ..... (40-115)
    SHBG, serum ..... 22.9 nmol/L ..... (16.5-55.9)
    LH ..... 47.1 mIU/ml ..... (1.7-8.6)
    FSH ..... 43.9 mIU/ml ..... (1.5-12.4)
    Prolactin.....13 ng/ml.....(4-15.2)

    Used to squat heavy almost 4-5 days a week. Switched to olympic lift focus. Did full olympic lifting workout followed by either squat, press, bench or DL, followed by bodybuilding style training with whatever energy left in a 2 hour session 2-4 days a week. Sounds like overtraining but joints feel fine, made gains and everything is good.

    Only issue is gyno. Never touched any prohormone/aas/etc. Only taken creatine, tons of protein, some occasional preworkouts, amino supplements, multis, etc. As the tests reflect, a week long run of letro was conducted inbetween to try to reduce/reverse puffy nipples/pubertal gyno. The nipples shrunk while on it, but immediately returned to being puffy even after a taper and rebound precautions. Having an MRI of pituitary gland soon as well as an ultrasound of nipples.

    Not sure if one should continue running AI's/SERM's to combat this overproduction of testosterone and conversion to E2 and estrogens. Especially considering long term effects, but the nipples are killer... Noticable thru shirts, looks ridiculous naked, blah blah. Endocrinologist didn't seem to care at all about the nipples and took some convincing to even get the ultrasound. Hopefully insurance covers a gyno correction surgery due to it having occurred naturally. Any input would be appreciated.

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