supplements and bloodwork

  1. supplements and bloodwork

    hi, i have a bloodwork this thursday and im taking nolvadren xt ( IA + 7-Keto)

    stop it ? or continue with it ?

    maybe modify the results ?


  2. Whats the bloodwork for?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Noutster View Post
    Whats the bloodwork for?
    because i have a petechiaes in my ankle and feets, like a allergie ( 3 years with this, comes and goes )

    my platelets lvl in 2013 : 110.000 (normally is 130.000-150.000 ) not is so bad but...

    blood work = allergies and cbc analysys ( platelets, etc )

    like this

    (not my feet )

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  4. I wouldn't take anything before your blood draw. It can wait until after. You do not want any possible interference with the results.
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  5. Yeah, quite honest i dont think it will interfere the results since they're looking at different drawings, but a "clean" blood sample is better. Just to be sure.

  6. It shouldn't interfere. If Anything I would keep it in and have your hormones checked to see if the products your taking are actually making a difference!

  7. thanks guys, i stop it 3 days ago , more clean blood, i had the worst reaction in 3 years ago.I hope my results are good, a simply allergie, an anecdote but im scared :S


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