Homemade greek yogurt

  1. Homemade greek yogurt

    Anyone here make their own Greek yogurt? I was thinking about this the other day and given the amount of yogurt I eat throughout the week it would be far cheaper to start making it myself plus it's easy as hell. I'm always trying to eat as close to natural as possible and it got me thinking, who knows where some of that commercial diary comes from so why not source good diary myself and make it from scratch.

    Anyone got any recipes or tips post em up!

  2. I'm lucky in that I have a dairy up the road from me that sells milk to me — clean, raw milk from Jersey cows. I make yoghurt from it but not Greek yoghurt as yet which I understand involves straining yoghurt. I don't use a yoghurt maker, just clean jars and an ice box that I put the yoghurt in to culture, wrapped in blankets.

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