diet Helps!

  1. diet Helps!

    Hello guys!
    I would like your advice on my diet.
    IIFYM I used to do the calculations.
    The goal is to have an 8% BF.

    my details are:
    Age ': 28
    Height: 165cm
    Weight :68-70 kg
    I do not know the actual amount of fat in the photos but what do you think?

    I train 4 days a week-tone and two days of running (30 min HIT) or (40-45 min jogging).

    data calculated by IIFYM are:

    BMR 1682
    TDEE: 2533

    I always eat clean and I give myself a few cheat meal per month (2-3)
    Lately I've been using this strategy:
    2.5 g / kg PRO Chicken - Beef - eggs - lean fish - whey
    0.8g/kg Fat Dried fruits - linseed - oil
    maximum 2.5g/kg carbohydrate variables oatmeal - rye bread - rice - potatoes vegetables (lots of it)

    I still have to be able to find a caloric content that does not make me feel tired sometimes I eat too few carbs and calories than my average is 1400/1600 is too low right?

    I'm hoping for good advice
    I apologize for my EnglishName:  bodygiulius.JPG
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  2. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    So what diet help are you asking for?
    your more asking for your BF% Correct?
    Showing us your front side and not showing your legs, glutes, hamstrings etc wont be very helpful
    Scivation/Primaforce Anabolic Minds Rep
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  3. You are right
    week in snap some photos!

    I wish I could figure out how many calories you eat with the right macro
  4. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    If Cutting Read the following:

    I highly suggest you read here regarding your diet:

    And also my article regarding fatloss on the site:


    If Trying to add some size:

    Eat in a caloric surplus, meaning eating more kcals than you need to maintain in order to gain muscle, size, and strength.

    Philosophies, Macro intake, training , and cardio articles for you to understand and help set up what you need to do before moving forward towards more supplements or advanced workout routines.
    Scivation/Primaforce Anabolic Minds Rep
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  5. Thanks man ! great items!

    I did the calculations for the diet :

    if you can take a look I'd be happy .

    I wanted to set a carb cycle with differences in daily intake of carbohydrates.

    considering my weight: 69kg

    Protein: 2.2-2.5g/kg = 150g/172g
    Fat: 55.2g = 0.8/kg ( or are too many to be kept more 'lows ? )

    Day 1 : 3g / / kg = 207g ( Monday - Thursday)
    Day 2 : 2g/kg = 138g (Tuesday - Friday)
    Day 3 : 1-1.5/kg = 69g/103.5g (Wednesday - Saturday )

    Sunday : I keep a 2.5g/kg = 172.5g

    training :

    multifrequency ( I am very well 5 months)

    A ( Monday - Friday )
    Squat 4 6
    Leg extensions 3 8
    Flat bench 4 6
    Crosses dumbbells 3 8
    Barbell rowing 3 8
    Lateral Raise 90 2 12
    Barbell Curl 3 10
    abs .

    B (Wednesday - Sunday )
    Deadlift 4 4
    Leg curl 3 10
    Tractions 4 max.
    Rower with dumbbell - Exercise Video
    Row ( weight-lifting ) 3 8
    Military Press 3 8
    Dip 3 8
    French press 3 10
    abs .

    Tuesday - Thursday, jogging or Hit (40 - 45mi - 30min)

    Saturday rest or light jogging



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