diet Helps!

  1. diet Helps!

    Hello guys!
    I would like your advice on my diet.
    IIFYM I used to do the calculations.
    The goal is to have an 8% BF.

    my details are:
    Age ': 28
    Height: 165cm
    Weight :68-70 kg
    I do not know the actual amount of fat in the photos but what do you think?

    I train 4 days a week-tone and two days of running (30 min HIT) or (40-45 min jogging).

    data calculated by IIFYM are:

    BMR 1682
    TDEE: 2533

    I always eat clean and I give myself a few cheat meal per month (2-3)
    Lately I've been using this strategy:
    2.5 g / kg PRO Chicken - Beef - eggs - lean fish - whey
    0.8g/kg Fat Dried fruits - linseed - oil
    maximum 2.5g/kg carbohydrate variables oatmeal - rye bread - rice - potatoes vegetables (lots of it)

    I still have to be able to find a caloric content that does not make me feel tired sometimes I eat too few carbs and calories than my average is 1400/1600 is too low right?

    I'm hoping for good advice
    I apologize for my EnglishName:  bodygiulius.JPG
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  2. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    So what diet help are you asking for?
    your more asking for your BF% Correct?
    Showing us your front side and not showing your legs, glutes, hamstrings etc wont be very helpful
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  3. You are right
    week in snap some photos!

    I wish I could figure out how many calories you eat with the right macro
  4. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    If Cutting Read the following:

    I highly suggest you read here regarding your diet:

    And also my article regarding fatloss on the site:


    If Trying to add some size:

    Eat in a caloric surplus, meaning eating more kcals than you need to maintain in order to gain muscle, size, and strength.

    Philosophies, Macro intake, training , and cardio articles for you to understand and help set up what you need to do before moving forward towards more supplements or advanced workout routines.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  5. Thanks man ! great items!

    I did the calculations for the diet :

    if you can take a look I'd be happy .

    I wanted to set a carb cycle with differences in daily intake of carbohydrates.

    considering my weight: 69kg

    Protein: 2.2-2.5g/kg = 150g/172g
    Fat: 55.2g = 0.8/kg ( or are too many to be kept more 'lows ? )

    Day 1 : 3g / / kg = 207g ( Monday - Thursday)
    Day 2 : 2g/kg = 138g (Tuesday - Friday)
    Day 3 : 1-1.5/kg = 69g/103.5g (Wednesday - Saturday )

    Sunday : I keep a 2.5g/kg = 172.5g

    training :

    multifrequency ( I am very well 5 months)

    A ( Monday - Friday )
    Squat 4 6
    Leg extensions 3 8
    Flat bench 4 6
    Crosses dumbbells 3 8
    Barbell rowing 3 8
    Lateral Raise 90 2 12
    Barbell Curl 3 10
    abs .

    B (Wednesday - Sunday )
    Deadlift 4 4
    Leg curl 3 10
    Tractions 4 max.
    Rower with dumbbell - Exercise Video
    Row ( weight-lifting ) 3 8
    Military Press 3 8
    Dip 3 8
    French press 3 10
    abs .

    Tuesday - Thursday, jogging or Hit (40 - 45mi - 30min)

    Saturday rest or light jogging



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