Am i on target with my macros??

  1. Am i on target with my macros??

    Hey guys, if someone could tell me if this is about right for me ( 220lb-100kg 16-18% bf 5ft11 intense weight training 5 times a week but with not much physical activity out of the gym )

    switching from a bulk to a cut ( when on my bulk i was tyipicaly eating 3100 cal ) looking to go to maintenance and add some Steady state cardio in for the first week or so.

    2950cal ( think thats my maintenance )
    220- protein 300-carb 99-fat

    How much would you guys recommend cutting the cal's down by after iv been on my maintenance for a while?

    Note: I count my Marcos to the last g ( sad I know )

    Any opinions welcome !


  2. Those look like pretty good starting macros. Try them out for a week. If you don't lose any weight lower carbs and fat a bit. I practice flexible dieting as well and I think that's around where I would start at that weight also. Good luck with your cut! m

  3. I feel that if you are counting every g of food you eat you will have no problems with this diet.
    look to drop 200 calories below to start and see how much that causes you to lose. if its 2lbs or less your good to go. just remember to recalculate your tdee once a week as you begin to drop the weight.
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  4. Great posts above. Definitely start slow like ripper said, start around 2600-2700 if you know that 2950 is maintenance and see how it treats you. Also if you start dropping calories lower keep the protein where it is! Don't pull away calories from protein, take them from fats and carbs. A high protein diet will prevent muscle catabolism while you're in a caloric deficit.

  5. Cheers for the advice guys ! helped me a lot . Cheers

  6. You got it man. Good luck!
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  7. Looks good. Stay consistent and you'll see the results you want.
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