Wild Oats aka Avena Sativa

  1. Wild Oats aka Avena Sativa

    I have been using and reading about herbs on and off for many years, and
    now that I am 50 I am relying on natures bounty a lot more.
    A few days ago I decided to look up an old herb I used to take that gave
    my libido a huge boost. Avena Sativa; In Latin meaning Wild Oats, as many of
    you may known, but not me until today. So my questions are; 1 Are wild oats / avena sativa
    comparable to commercially grown Oats (non processed rolled or steel cut whole oats) in terms of use for
    supplementation. 2 Is there a conversion for raw whole oats to equal avena sativa supplementation.

    I ask because I would rather eat raw oats (if practical) than capsules mainly
    because it is the same thing?
    Please advise. Thanks, Van

  2. I believe they are used for completely different purposes so they aren't really comparable.
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  3. One is the other, they are one and the same. The wild oat supplement has been condensed and concentrated. (Avena Sativa, Wild Oats/ Oats) Everything would be made from the GMO commercially grown Oat. I humbly ask If I am misguided or not seeing something correctly please enlighten me with some substantiation. Thanks
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  4. What you're looking for is avenacosides. That is the active extract from Avena Sativa that will help with your libido.

    So to answer your question, no. You can't just use regular oats. You need to find a product that uses an extra from Oats to get the active ingredients for your purpose.

    Take a read here:

    95% Avenacosides
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