Is free test the cause of my low libido

  1. Is free test the cause of my low libido

    Hi everyone. Years ago, about 20 years old, I had a sudden drop in libido. I went from having morning erections everyday/always needing sex to nothing. I only took a preworkout drink before working out, no 1,3 dim. I was probably working out too often/staying up too many times doing papers. Never been on prescriptions and never tried steroids/prohormones/etc. Libido came back, but slowly went away again a year later. I eventually stopped the preworkouts and tried test boosters about a month or two.

    I saw an endocrinologist and had the following lab results. Testosterone 627 (range 310-1010), sex hormone binding 36 (13-71), free androgen 60 (13-71), free testosterone 130 (47-244), LH 5.9, FSH 6.2, Prolactin 13.4, Inhibin 149.

    Fast forward to now and I tried another endocrinologist. My referring doctor tested my test levels a few months before, which were 790. Recent results are

    Cortisol 11 (1.7-22.7)
    ACTH 12 (7-69)
    T3 Free 6.66 (4.26-8.10)
    T4 Free 1.25 (0.78-2.19)
    Thyroid Peroxidase Ab 15.90 <35
    TSH 1.25 (0.470-4.68)
    Testosterone 756 (300-1080)
    Sex Hormone Binding 56 (11-80)
    Free Testosterone 111 (47-244)
    % Free Testosterone 1.5 (1.6-2.9)
    Prolactin 5.9 (3.7-17.9)
    FSH 5.4 (1.6-9.7)
    LH 4.4 (1.7-11.2)
    Insulin-Like GF-1 177 (155-432)
    Vitamin B12 863 (211-946)

    % free testosterone and acth are low. Free testosterone decreased since my first visit, as well as an increase in SHB even though testosterone increased. These tests were done at separate places. I've been taking vitamin D supplements. I had an estradiol test done, but I'm guessing it was lost since it has been 3 weeks since it was taken and no results. The only other thing I can think of asking to test is DHT.

    Thanks for any help. I'm starting to believe it's a stress/depression thing as I've been through a lot of stressful things since then, and this problem isn't helping me progress.

  2. It's a stress problem
    The only way to fix this is look inside yourself and fix whatever emotional / spiritual problems you have
    Or throw drugs at your body until you can have sex again
    I recommend the first option
    Good luck
    Changing the World

  3. if you belive that its a free test problem you can try taking one of the many products design to free up more test. for the 30-40 bucks itll cost you it might be a cheap way to experiment. a few of them are listed below
    testabolan by iForce
    F-1test by hybrid
    free test by app nut

    on a side note.. coming from a guy who has used steroids and has delt with low test and low libido for a few yrs now,.. I find a nice little bump in both depts. by combining tropinol / intimidate. what ever else is need I look to Viagra/Cialis.

  4. Having your hormones checked is not a bad idea.. if only for a baseline. There are probably 50 naturally occurring chemicals in the body which can contribute to libido or lack thereof. Then again, there are psychological issues, such as stress, which at your age is the most likely culprit. It happens from time to time to practically all guys after age 20, stressed or now. Every adult male wants to have the libido he had when he was 18. Usually I don't have problems but, again, it happens. The important thing, I think, is to maintain a healthy lifestyle - including good diet and regular exercise - and then pay attention to the things that are bugging you and work on a solution. Testosterone precursors can help but you will need to cycle their use because as soon as the brain realizes that you have more test in your blood than it thinks you should have then it turns down natural production and you are back where you were before. As someone said, Cialis can help as it not only relaxes the blood vessels to help achieve erection but I find that it has a stimulating effect which helps as well (due probably to heightened levels of histimine in the blood). It probably also gives me a little boost in confidence as well, which helps at times. Also, a supplement called "maca" can help as it temporarily raises dopamine levels.

  5. Might be stress, high estrogen or prolactin can cause this. What did estrogen test at?

  6. Estradiol results were 95.6, with a range of 19.7-242. This seems high, but I'll have to call the doctor and ask his opinion and the measurement scale. Prolactin was 5.9. I did have liver enzyme spikes. AST/ALT were both in the 20s a year ago, then to 110/193 in the middle of the year, and now back down to 20s.

    So my main concern is now estradiol. I have the same symptoms as the first tests, but with higher SHBG and total testosterone, and lower free test. I am still muscular, but am noticing gyno tits. I've always had them to a degree after I gained a bunch of weight of a corticosteroid for asthma a long time ago.

    I just don't get "horny" anymore. Sex/release used to be like a daily need, and if I didn't get it, it would keep building up until I came. I never feel that anymore and it effects erections. I noticed that my sex drive is higher at night than the morning so I requested a sleep apnea test. I had an MRI, which was normal. I'm trying prescription Wellbutrin now for depression.

    Thanks for all the reponses.


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