How much does prilosec effect weight loss?

  1. How much does prilosec effect weight loss?

    I have acid reflux, I am on a cut and I take Prilosec OTC 20mg. I was wondering how much it would effect weight loss and possibly muscle gains. It is the onyl thing, that seems to help, but I am wondering if it is hindering my weight loss to any great degree.

  2. The only weight gain I can think of that might come with prilosec is if you had swelling due to an allergic reaction to omeprazole or one of the binding agents.

    Even if it had an impact, the biggest impact is going to come from diet and exercise.

    Don't look to pills you are/are not taking as the determinant of your weight loss program

  3. I also suffer from chronic heartburn. Just be glad something works because there isn't a dsmn thing I've used that's helped mine ****s been going on for months now
    The Swole Stoner

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