Anyone have digestion problems with PES Select protein?

  1. Anyone have digestion problems with PES Select protein?

    So I started consuming PES Select Protein a couple of weeks ago. Ever since, I get cramps an hour or two later, kinda gassy, and I find myself rushing to the bathroom, and in order to spare the details, I'll just say it isn't pretty. Or fun. And this happens more than once/day after only 1 shake. I've never had a problem with protein powders. I normally make my own custom mixes on True Nutrition or whatever it's called these days, but have used all of the usuals: ON, Dymatize, Syntha6, Isopure etc. I've never experienced anything like this before. I've tried all three flavors so far, same results. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    I bought some Digestive Enzymes to try. Hoping it'll help.

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    Seems most are having less digestive issues with Select than other brands due to the low lactose content.

    Have you used blends with a 50% or higher amount of casein before? Some people have issues with that and it would be noticed a few hours later if you are.
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  3. My wife did. I did not. I think it's the best tasting protein I've had.

  4. Without a doubt some of the best tasting I've ever had. But, IF the protein really is the cause of these issues, I can do without it haha.

    I don't recall if I've made a mix with at least 50% casein. It certainly isn't a usual for me anyway. I remember I purchased ON's casein several years ago and don't recall having a problem with it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jjobe6 View Post
    My wife did. I did not. I think it's the best tasting protein I've had.
    What kind of problems did your wife experience?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by machwon04 View Post

    What kind of problems did your wife experience?
    Gas and discomfort.

  7. I recently had issues like this and I kept trying to work out what supplement was causing it.

    Turns out it was something that a lot of people had lol.

    I would cease taking it for a few days to be sure though. As others have said, the instance of GI upset with Select should be very low.

    Keep us updated.
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  8. I'm noticing this somewhat. Did the OP confirm it was in fact the select?

  9. I had a some issues with snickerdoodle, but it taste so good i dont care. Lol. I have gone through a LOT of cpbc select, and no issues whatsoever.

  10. Ive tried it a couple of times since my op and it hasn't been near as bad. I've stuck with the chocolate for the most part.
    Side note, I got in on that choc-peanut butter insider sale 2 weeks ago, amd still havent received it. Anyone else taking this long?

  11. No issues, I've had blondie, snickerdoodle, and chocolate by them, but to be fair I've never had any digestive issues with any protein

    Have you true many other blends, or even straight wheys or caseins, could always go with isolates if you don't tolerate regular whey


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