Nutritional help for long work shifts!!??

  1. Nutritional help for long work shifts!!??


    I have always had an IT position within a building that has a fridge, microwaves and basically anything I've needed to heat/cool food throughout the day. I also was only working 8 hr shifts daily so it was easy to maintain my diet.

    I'm currently looking to gain in these ridiculous winter months but I am having some serious trouble with keeping my diet in check. I'm an outside network tech and work out of my work truck, I am currently working anywhere from 10-15 hours a day and have been so overwhelmed with how I am going to pack this much food or even brainstorming ideas on what I can just eat without heating and more importantly how to keep cold during summer months. I have been wayyyyy under caloric intake the past two months due to this issue and I was wondering if anyone here has any ideas.

    I tried asking a few of my co-workers in the garage but they don't train and barely even eat so it's hard to take advice from them.

    If anyone has anything I would greatly appreciate it. Btw I was looking at getting an ISO bag 3 or 5 meal system to pack my meals or some other creative way. I currently use a cooler and it's just not cutting it lol.

    Thanks everyone.

  2. My dad had the same issues, working on the road basically out of a truck and constantly on the way to the next job. Got him eating wraps with sliced turkey or chicken, hard boiled eggs, granola, M&Ms, and Nuts in separate baggies for snacks. Canned Tuna and mints are cheap. Low sugar fruit cans with the pop lids (we never get tired of pineapples), and PB2 are easy starts. As time goes on you will find ways to make this easier on yourself as the meal prep is HELL! But every 3 days you sit aside 3 hrs and you have meals guaranteed for the next 2-3 days easy. Dinner was just eating out of course but mix it up and I used to pack 3 igloo lunchboxes that were pretty big and It was a system that worked. Biggest drawback of the cooler is that its bulky, ugly but it works. I got some pretty cheap gel packs that keeps food more than cold and will freeze most drinks by 11am. Its all about just figuring it out. Hope this 2 cents helps a little.
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  3. Hell ya! Thanks man ya it's def a difficult adjustment that's for sure I always find myself caught up in my work and forgetting to eat I started setting alarms to take breaks and refuel. It's nice to hear some tips from someone who actually knows the situation lol meal prepping is the worst especially after a 15 hr day I can't find the motivation to start prepping cause I'm just thinking about hittin the sack. But ya man those are all great suggestions I have the weekend off I'm thinking of putting together a meal plan well I'm off so I brainstorm it all out makes it that much easier to actually follow thru with! Thanks again man! Appreciate it

  4. Sandwiches is what kept me going. You'll probably get bored of them so try to change it up as much as you can.
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  5. chicken peppers onions avocado lettuce.
    cut it all up.
    put it in a tortilla wrap.



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