Schedule change, not sure how to approach IF

  1. Schedule change, not sure how to approach IF

    I follow IF
    I normally wake up at 1-3 pm, take a pre and aminos then hit the gym, breaking my fast after my workout around 5-7 PM depending on how my day goes. I use a 4-6 hour feed window usually.

    For the next 3 days I am gonna have to be going in to work at 9 am. So I will be awake considerably longer than usual. And I am aiming to get To the gym at 730 am for some fasted LISS cardio.

    My question is regarding aminos during my fast, and if it's ok to keep the same eating time.. Ill be out of work at 6pm and can eat at630-645.

    Can I stay fasted this whole time? I know I can handle it mentally, but in regards to MPS and catabolism...

    Should I be dosing aminos during these waking hours POST list cardio?

    I've read all the lit on lean gains . Com n couldnt come up with an answer.. so don't direct me there.. I'm just confused since this is not my normal routine.

    I will not be training weights tomorrow or Tuesday, just cardio. Next weights is on Wednesday.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by chedapalooza View Post
    Can I stay fasted this whole time?

    Should I be dosing aminos during these waking hours POST list cardio?
    If you want to you could

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    Simply take 10g of BCAA up to the feeding window every 2 hours.
    Why not just have an earlier feeding window and end it shorter? or spread your meals our more. IF Is not magical, your caloric deficit or surplus is what matters most. Going a week of changing things up wont make or break ya.
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