low pulse rate high blood pressure

  1. low pulse rate high blood pressure

    hi everyone i am worried becuase i train almost every day and eat very very good not cheat meal only foods with fibers ,oats , brocoli ,sweet potato multi vitamin Chicken breast , etc
    i even do yoga 2 times a week but i have high blood pressure compare to athlete :130/60 and pulse rate something around the : 50-40
    i know that very good athlete have low rate beat but why do i have a bit high blood pressure,
    it is very important for me to stay healty but no metter what i do in the last week i still have this *** high blood pressure ,
    ty guys really need your help

  2. Are you taking any supplements?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. creatine multi vitamin and protein shek of dymitaz iso 100 and omega 3,
    and i am 22 years old , no problem with blood pressure in my famely and all my life i was very active .

  4. i have seen someone in the internet that say this :

    In your case, your low 'resting' pulse rate means the heart has to pump out at each beat, more than the average person's, to produce the same 'cardiac output', which (at rest) is roughly 5 litres/minute on average , for every normal adult male in the world. So dividing 5 litres by 53 heartbeats works out that it pumps out about 94 mils of blood per stroke. This is your "stroke volume", and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it; it's just higher than average, NOT abnormal. Everyone's different. Mine is roughly 66mils, because my pulse rate is high, 76bpm. It really doesn't matter, because we're all "the same, but different". Lots of people, (millions and millions) will have heart rates ranging from about 45 bpm up to 130 bpm, and all are perfectly healthy.

    do u think its right ? coz i have never heard that high pressure is good :S

  5. Your numbers are perfect for an athlete. Systolic BP should be elevated because athletic hearts enlarge in a beneficial manner, leading to increased stroke volume, decreased peripheral vascular resistance, and decreased HR. This is manifested by slightly elevated systolic BP, lower diastolic BP, and low HR.

  6. ty very much i relaxed ,
    i was so worry about it and didnt see alot of information about in the internet ,

  7. i have some Deviations and i whould like to know if it is really problem or it is ok becuase i am an atleth,:

    RBC-Red Blood Cells: highter than the avarage :5.82
    Hemoglobin: highter than the avarage :18.3
    MCHC-M.Cell Hb cont:highter than the avarage :36.2
    Platelets:lower than the avarage :91
    Monocytes: highter than the avarage :15.1
    Bilirubin Total: highter :1.3
    Bilirubin Conjugated : highter :0.3
    ALKP-Alkaline Phosphatase: highter :146
    ALT (GPT):highter :70
    AST (GOT):highter46
    as u see i have some deviations and i worry about,
    i will go to a doctor but i would like to hear your opinion who understand of course ty


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