If you were a hot dog

  1. If you were a hot dog

    Would you eat yourself?

  2. Am I covered in chili?
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    The lack of a mouth and digestive system tells me no.
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  4. i would eat your hotdog.

    ...that is all
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  5. Nope hotdogs are nasty. But if I were a burger...that would be a different story
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by AntM1564 View Post
    Nope hotdogs are nasty. But if I were a burger...that would be a different story
    Have you ever seen those burgers made in the shape of a hot dog? Those are fair game too.

  7. Being inside a pair of buns. Buried inside. hmmm

  8. Quote Originally Posted by todd muelheim View Post
    Would you eat yourself?
    I know I would!

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  9. I dig hotdogs so, I'd chow down on whatever part of my body I could reach.

  10. I would eat myself, poop myself back out and eat myself again.


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