Asparagus question ?

  1. Asparagus question ?

    Okay this might be a weird question but I'm wondering if asparagus extract pills give you the same diuretic benefit as eating actual asparagus ? I'm asking this because I like the effect asparagus gives me as a diuretic for my bodybuilding competitions but the problem is I hate the taste of asparagus. So a pill would be a lot easier for me if I works. The company that makes it makes claims that 2 servings of asparagus extract is equal to half a pound of asparagus. So my overall question is will asparagus extract expel water the same rate as eating actual asparagus ???

  2. Bump. Any herb experts or nutritionists hat can answer this ?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by liftallday123 View Post
    Bump. Any herb experts or nutritionists hat can answer this ?
    I would assume it needs to be extracted in a way that it's standardized to specific alkaloids.

    But if it's for competing an your cutting water, adding pills may increase your water intake. Depending on how you are with taking pills

    It's pretty cheap it can't hurt to try

    I wonder if it'll make your pee smell too

  4. Yeah I'm just curious because asparagus is awesome during contest prep. Love the diuretic affect. Plus so many other health benifits. I wonder if the extract will have the same affect ?

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