muscle atrophy (need help)

  1. muscle atrophy (need help)

    from my sophmore year in highschool till the beginning of freshman year of college i had always been an avid lifter. due to my very good genetics i was able to get a really good build and had a perfect physique (for me at least). i weighed about 185, max benched 245 and was pretty strong all around. when i got into college i struggled with some depression isues due to accutane and took prozac to combat it. when i began taking prozac i noticed my chest/ shoulders and biceps began to lose shape. parts of my inner chest simply just werent there anymore, my bicep started to flatten and my shoulders were getting narrower. call me crazy but that is the gods honest truth. i tried to shrug this off and convince myself that none of this was happening but as the more time passed on i noticed more and more atrophy. it got to the point where i simply couldnt go to the gym anymore because of how disgusted and mind boggled i was how this was happening. it now has been 2 years since the start of this happening and it has only gotten worse. my inner chest simply does not come in as close as it use to, my shoulders have DRAMATICALLY gotten smaller and my biceps are even flatter. it seems everyday i notice something new happening. despite all this happening, i just recently decided to join the gym again because i figure its gonna atrophy anyway so why not just focus on strength now instead of size. ive been back in the gym for 2 weeks now and its pretty dissapointing lifting and having your muscles get smaller instead of bigger. the most recent thing i noticed was now my outer chest has began to lose its shape. it doesnt come out as far as it use to and is missing a spot in it. ill post pictures below.

    Name:  la.png
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Size:  210.7 KBthis picture is beginning of freshman year with no muscle atrophy yet
    Name:  5.png
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Size:  270.0 KBName:  as.png
Views: 1965
Size:  40.7 KBthis picture is middle stage of muscle atrophy with zoom in of right pec shape atrophy
    Name:  ml.png
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Size:  331.8 KBName:  last.png
Views: 1998
Size:  56.3 KBmy body might look bigger here but that is because i gained weight and started to lift for 2 weeks here. dont pay attention to the size but compare the shape of the chest and right pec now to last pictures. there is a piece missing on right side of chest compared to picture before this
    Name:  old in.png
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Size:  31.9 KBName:  mid in.png
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Size:  103.0 KBName:  last in.png
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Size:  115.8 KBthese are the progression of chest shape. first picture=no atrophy and lifting, 185 pounds, second picture=middle of atrophy and no lifting, 165 pounds, third picture=current atrophy and 2 weeks into lifting, 200 pounds

    *any and all help, opinions and advice are appreciated. ive been to numerous doctors so far and got tests done for spinal cord injury but none show an injury. could the prozac have caused this. i have a chemical imbalance from accutane so could that have caused it? any specific doctors to go to, supplements to take or diet are also appreciated as well. thank you everyone

  2. your depression and no lifting are the biggest part of your atrophy.. sounds like you got a little chubby after you moped around for a while.. I recommend you just get into your diet and clean up the junk foods. keep hitting the gym and pushing through.. soon you will notice some signs that your getting back your shape. then use that motivation to further tune your diet and training to keep mass gain your number one priority. don't do a bunch of cardio and get lots of rest. I recommend a good protein and in your case some potassium nitrates and agmatine. these two will keep you pumped up and looking thicker longer.
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  3. the thing is though is that my chest completely changed shape even while i was at school. i lift now weekly but there are still parts of my chest that just flat and not there anymore. same goes with my shoulders. my shoulders have gotten tremendously narrower so i think it is more a neurogenic problem such as nerve damage rather than atrophy from simply not working the muscles

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