Weird effects, estradiol related?

  1. Weird effects, estradiol related?

    So for the past week or two I've been feeling pretty off. At first I thought I might be sick, but I haven't had enough symptoms to support that. No fever, no coughing, sinus isn't acting up, nothing. What has been happening is I've been feeling extremely tired/lethargic/fatigued all day long no matter how much sleep I get. Also my erections haven't been at 100%, they seem much weaker and harder to maintain; libido is fine however. Morning wood has all but disappeared whereas maybe 3 weeks ago it'd be so crazy that it'd wake me up and be there until I got up and pissed or moved around. Also I have crazy brain fog, I'll be in class "trying" to pay attention and have no idea wtf the prof is talking about. I really have no idea what's going on but I can only assume its hormonal. Here's a list of supps I've been taking. If anyone has any idea what might be going on or any advice it'd be greatly appreciated.

    Diesel Test Pro: 4-6 a day
    PES Erase: 2 a day
    Agmatine: 500mg a day
    Choline: 500mg a day
    L Citrulline: 4g a day

  2. have you or are you using any pro hormones?
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  3. I did use dermacrine in the past and it kinda messed me up because I didn't use an AI. But that was like 2 months ago

  4. it can take 6 mos to come back from a poorly designed hormonal cycle.. maybe your next move should be seeing a doctor to get some blood work done.
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