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  1. CHIPOTLE: 10/10 for a faster food option

    Great quality ingredients- mostly all organic

    Plenty of healthy and unhealthy options... you pick what goes in it... so choose based on your goals. I usually go without the beans, cheese, and sour cream... CAN'T skip the guac, though!

    Great thread.

  2. If you want to save a few calories/carbs while eating at Chipotle get a bowl insteal of a burrito and save 300 calories.

  3. In a pinch I think they are great. I personally like a meal of beans, rice, and meat. I am not sure what region everyone is from but by me we have this great gas station chain called Kwik Trip. I can go in there grab an individual cup of cottage cheese or greek yogurt, two peeled hard boiled eggs and coffee/milk/water and they always have apples, bananas and veggie platters. Not too bad for a gas station!


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