I have been researching how people dose this supplement, by both bodybuilders and Non-BB'ers. Bodybuilders tend to use it primarily PCT, but since Im not an AAS user I am and have been taking it for a couple months now daily Pre-workout. I see that it's dosed as a daily supplement to people not using it for bodybuilding benefits, at roughly 500mg/day. I take 1000mg usually.

I actually just got blood work back and my Estrogen was 20.6, which is within the average range for a man. I never got my E level tested but I was curious, especially since I am a Mary Jane user, and also have Low T (176 2 weeks ago, and then 225 2 weeks later after using Androgel for 2 weeks).

Wonder of the Resveratrol played any part in the low E level. Obviously wouldn't know for sure unless I stop taking the Resveratrol and then get some blood work and compare the results.

Anyone else use or or have any input on dosing/cycling of Res?