when you cook what do you use?

  1. when you cook what do you use?

    example pam,butter?

  2. I use pam when i make protein brownies or muffins.

    Otherwise i tend to stay away from it.

    Though I have a friend who i gave a jug of iForce Vanilla Cupcake Batter Protean to and he used organic butter and they were AWESOME! Still trying to get the recipe.
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  3. I use Organic PaM when I am baking protein pancakes, muffins, brownies, etc. I use Isotean and Protean. I use PAM olive oil as well.

  4. Everything I make I use pam. If I have to use butter then i'll use that "I can't believe it's not butter" but that's is almost a last resort.

  5. coconut oil is my preferred cooking oil for most things also like to use olive oil on other things.
    those healthy fats yo!

  6. Pam for sure, except I live in Iowa so gotta get some butter on the corn on the cob! I actually find the light I can't believe it's not butter to be pretty tasty actually, I just don't use it too often.
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