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  1. I know a women who had mood problems and migraines her whole life. i dont know how long the insomnia had been going on, maybe always. she was waking up after 2.5 hours with killer headaches. anyway, she resolved it by 4oomg enteric coated 5-htp taken at bedtime and then again when she wakes up at some point during the night. she was not taking any ssri drugs for depression at the time (as it is advised NEVER to take 5-htp with those). anyway, the 5-htp killed the migraine. when she reduced dosage at one point, the headache started to come back so in her case i dont think she makes enough seratonin and a constant supply is pf 5htp is necessary. anyway, this helped her alot when nothing else did. strangely, 20mg doses of melatonin didnt work on her, which is weird because i wouldve thought he 5htp worked because it was converting to melatonin.

  2. Man I so hoped this thread would have naughtier content
    Anyway, I know nothing about sleep but eating healthy (some form of paleo) and excercising appears to be the answer to 99% of mankind's health problems.

  3. I would have her have her doctor recommend a sleep study. There could be health issue that would come out when this is done. Best way to find out what's happening when she sleeps. Could be apnea.
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  4. like another member mentioned there are physicians thats are specialized in sleep medicine. yes that is a thing. I mean most medical students dont go to medical school and think hey im going to speciailized as a sleep doc! I didnt even know that even existed before then.

    Anyways, again like that member said, get off the internet and speak with someone who studied his ass off for YEARS (undergrad, med school, residency, sleep med fellowship) specifically about sleep.

  5. +1 on the sleep study.

    More to the point, has she seen a psychologist? Many people look for physical ailments because they want to pop a pill and they believe that physical ailments can be caused in this manner - but I think there is often a psychological component to all of this. Sleep is a pattern, and humans are creatures that love to run patterns in our head. We also love to have "roles". The, "Nothing works for me and I have a problem" bit is a pattern/role that she has grown accustomed to.

    She claims she has had this "all of her life" - so you need to ask her, "Can you ever remember getting a good night's sleep?" This is a question, which logically, she cannot answer without breaking from her role. If she says "No" - then what's the problem? If she says "Yes" then - how can it have been all of her life?

    My bet is that she has patterns of anxiety that she runs before sleep. We all do this and it is normal when it happens sometimes. Some people do it here and there, and then they get a little more used to it, and a little more used to it, and next thing you know it is just normal to them and they don't even realize they are doing it. You know, when you lay there and your mind is racing, but you can't fall asleep at all? You may be exhausted but you can't stop thinking about that big test, or the big presentation at work, or the project you are working on, or some stupid thing. You may lay there and say, "I'm wide awake" - but if you think about it, you are totally exhausted and can't get into your sleep pattern.

    Does she have a TV in her room? What are her habits before she goes to bed?

    I'm not trying to insinuate that your gf's mom is crazy or has any "serious" psychological problems, so don't get me wrong. We all do this and it is easier than you think to take something that happens occasionally and fall into the trap of doing it all the time - it is a fine line - and then it becomes unhealthy.



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