wheat beers

  1. wheat beers

    hey guys, i'm a big fan of wheat beer. i usually drink about 2 and feel fine, however, the other night i drank 4 or so and got a splitting headache (usually those are reserved for when i'm hungover, haha). i find myself feeling somewhat unwell after having more than 1-2 wheat beers at a time, and i was wondering if this could be a result of the wheat. does this happen to anyone else?

    i love wheat beer, but sitting at a restaurant/bar with a terrible headache just isn't worth it. i've never researched "gluten free" diets as i always assumed (maybe wrongfully) that they were just the new craze/scam, but could i be allergic to gluten or something?


  2. You drink all the sediment at the bottom of those beers? Hefeweisses are notorious for those (its where a lot of the flavor is)
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  3. hmm, i've never really paid attention, so it's possible.

  4. Were they bottles or in a glass?

    Some places are notorious for not cleaning the lines very well after each keg. So left over residue in the lines which can be yeast in the line. Which would also be at the bottom of a lot of those styles of beer.

    You very well could have a gluten allergy, or be sensitive to yeast.
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  5. Do you get headaches from bottled beer as well? I have heard draft beer can give worse hangovers/headaches.

  6. Impurities, tannins, congeners, sediment etc. would all be present in tap lines and yeasty beer like the one OP drank. Some people might be allergic to a degree. I don't much like carbonation for the same reason, and when I have a beer or pop, I shake/swirl as much as possible so I can drink it cold and flat. Keg beer and wine both ruin me for the above reasons. I'm not necessarily allergic; I'm just too awesome for impurities
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  7. hmmm....the other night when i noticed it i was drinking from bottles. i'll typically have about 2 on tap at a local bar, but that's never bothered me (although i do start to feel a bit unwell after the 2nd, but never noticed any headaches, more of a stomach ache/full feeling which is why i usually don't exceed 2). last weekend is when i drank 4 or so out of the bottle and got the serious headache. like i said, i've never had a headache WHILE drinking before, so it was very unusual and kind of ruined the night. who knows, maybe it was just a fluke. although, i do usually limit myself to 2 blue moon on tap as i start to feel kind of bad after those 2; so i figured maybe there was some kind of connection.


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