Sleep schedule is messed up what should i do

  1. Sleep schedule is messed up what should i do

    I wake up at 2 pm and fall asleep at around 6 am its been going on like this for a week. Ive already tried listening to sleep music i exercise a bit before i start my day and i tried excersicing around 8 pm and i feel even more alert i took about 25 mgs of melatonin and i still cant sleep school is going to start soon and my goal is to sleep around 10 30 pm yesterday i woke up at 2pm and i haven't been asleep since. right now the time is 6:19 pm i will try to stay awake the whole day and sleep tonight at 10 hopefully i can do it.

  2. Idk how true this is but I read somewhere if you fast for 16 hours it'll reset your sleep cycle

  3. You should try eating 6-8 oz of turkey 30mins before bed for a good sleep aid. It's all natural and effective. Ido this almost 4 times per week and it works great. Turkey has a natural sleep aid.

  4. I use to have sleep issues myself. Mine unfortunately started last spring semeater during finals week and I originally thought it was stress related.
    Something I found that has really helped is a magnesium supplement. I like to take CalMag before bed along with a mineral supplement. Has helped me fall asleep faster and longer.
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