Great Article Debunking Protein Intake Broscience

  1. Smile Great Article Debunking Protein Intake Broscience

    Note that the footnotes are all legit, peer-reviewed, scientific papers.

    How much protein can I eat in one sitting? | FAQ


  2. Thank you for those links.

    Someone said on another board that excess protein in one sitting will turn to fat. IMO, that's not what the article, or these other articles are saying - but I'm not for sure. There's lots of broscience on this other board and certain people don't like when the status quo is threatened. But hey, maybe he's right. I'm going to read these other articles more carefully right now to see if I can find the answer.
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    Excess calories in the 24 hour period turns to fat or the net surplus over the week means fat or weight gain
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