LDL "Particle Size" Testing vs "Ion Mobility"

  1. LDL "Particle Size" Testing vs "Ion Mobility"

    I've been reading about the newest topic on LDL particle size testing. I definitely want to get this done. I usually using Quest D for my testing. After searching their site for the test codes, I believe I found two: Lipoprotein Fractionation Panel 1 & 2. Anyone use these? Can anyone confirm this "ion mobility" is the same as "particle size" testing?


  2. Search for VAP test or NMR lipoprofile test
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Search for VAP test or NMR lipoprofile test
    This. LabCorp uses NMR and Quest uses VAP. Both are much more comprehensive than your standard cholesterol tests.
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  4. I just reread the OP, and to clarify, ion mobility is just a method to determine particle size. VAP and NMR will get you the particle size as well. There shouldn't be any real variance in the results so go with the one your insurance will cover.
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