What books to buy ??

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    What books to buy ??

    hey there ....
    When I think of loosing a bit of fat diffirent questions comes in my mind like ...
    1. If I don't want muscles, just want to shape up my body ,... den what type of routune should I follow or How much food should I eat !!
    2. How to reduce my belly fat
    3. What type of exercise is best suited for me ??
    4. If I run everyday , den... how much should I run, for how long, when to take rest ,
    5. All these diffirent concepts ....
    So, please suggest me some good books that can give me all these type of knowledge..
    Why We Get Fat Gary Taubes is a good book ???? ... No idea ,...
    I am a beginner , so,... I just want to start

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    Buy dem book for dem noobs

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