Anabolic Diet for Recomp

  1. Anabolic Diet for Recomp

    Is this possible? If so, do I need to be at a caloric deficit or surplus?

    Here's a picture of me. I'm 5'9'' and weigh 178-180 pounds. I did starting strength and gained a lot of fat. I like the idea of recomp because then I could my strength gains. Also below is a discussion that I started here of supplements I'll be taking for the first 8 weeks of recomp.

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  2. You need excess calories on heavy lifting days and a calorie deficit on non lifting days. It's not an easy thing to do. I'd try to cut the fat then build muscle from there. If you eat a healthy diet and try to slim down at the same time you'll gain muscle and lose fat. Just don't over eat and eat CLEAN.

  3. Naturally add more calories, and more in the form of protein. Also don't go too crazy with clean eating, have a cheat meal per week also!

  4. I dont believe in low cals/off days and higher cals/ on days....i try and stay at maintenance with moderate cardio and good lifts. It takes time to see results and becomes more of a lifestyle after awhile.....
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