Protein shakes to replaces meals ?

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    The fact that he is on a keto diet made me wonder even more not less haha.
    I know.....
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  2. I weigh 217 and consume 200-250g protein per day (cutting/recomp you can find my log in nutrtion info). Consuming that much meat gets tedious to b honest. Plus I like to make a protein shake on occasion with my snacks/meals (again, my shakes are 1 scoop, so its really like 2 shakes spread out over the day).

    I got the idea of spreading it out from an article I read on here that showed it was more beneficial to consume 25g pre and 25g post than 50g post... figured id give it a shot to spread out the 4 scoops I was taking (2 scoops pre and 2 post) throughout the day. Definitely has helped with keeping my carbs and cals in line. I use Elite Whey (2g carbs per scoop) and EliteXT (blend of slow release proteins,7g carbs per scoop). I have 1 scoop xt in the morning w breakfast, 1 scoop of whey pre and post workout, 1 scoop xt at bed all are mixed with water. This gets me about an extra 100g of quick protein with 18g carbs (I do 30-40g daily) plus it helps me stay full throughout the day and night with the xt. The whey I take for obvious reasons.



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