Is it better to be overweight?

  1. Is it better to be overweight?

    Should you be overweight, normal, or obese to live longer? This was the subject of a recent study that created quite a lot of stir among researchers and the media. Check the article please

    Is it better to be overweight?

  2. Nice post dude. According to me it is important to stay healthy and also essential for healthy life. I think that if you want to reduce your weight then must follow a diet plan and also do some exercise daily. During exercise, cycling and swimming are the most effective exercise.Bloom Beauty Boutique33 Hollywell Road Biggera Waters QLD 4216 AustraliaPhone : +61 7 5563 Bloom Beauty Boutique where you can evolve and bloom with confidence. Our expert team of therapists will provide you with a professional experience leaving you feeling nourished and pampered.Bloom Beauty Boutique

  3. Well in my opinion it is not good to be over weight because there are many side effects of being a over weight. In my opinion our weight should be less and we should maintain it with doing exercise daily.
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