Are pollo bowls healthy?

  1. Are pollo bowls healthy?

    I work at an el pollo loco im not sure if they have them all around america but its basicly a mexican kfc except all the chicken is flame grilled nothing is deep fried so it seems healthy i usually get a pollo bowl wich has rice beans chicken onion cilantro and pico de gallo do you guys think this is healthy? Rice has carbs i think beans have fiber and protien and the chicken breast has protien and the pico de gallo has vitamins thats how i see it am i wrong? What do you guys think?

  2. It's probably not terrible - depending on the serving size .
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  3. Sodium content is prolly high as hell and food quality is most likely on the low side but there's worse choices you could make. I wouldn't eat it daily though.

  4. as long as it does not contain artificial trans fats i see no problem with it. seems like all whole foods and minimal ingredients
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